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Amongst the services we offer, rebranding and branding is at the heart of it. Whether its for a startup business, an event or temporary set up, or someone looking to revamp their presence and regain new interest, we can help deliver great solutions with well thought out guides.
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Why rebranding is good for business?

Rebranding provides opportunities to re-engage with your audience, clients and customers. By looking into driving hype through PR, social and many other avenues, a rebrand can demonstrate the updates in your brand messaging, reinstate the core values of your business, create more brand awareness and get people excited about your new and current ventures.
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When is a good time to rebrand?

When business is stale, when you are taking new directions, when you want to keep up to date with the current things that are resonating with your target audience, there could be a multitude of reasons. There are so many instances where it can be for the better but also for the bad. At Webvid Creative, we can help you analyse where your business currently is, and uncover whether a rebrand is the right move for you at that time.
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Why choose Webvid Creative?

Not only are we creatives, we’re also entrepreneurs. It’s in our nature to create things that last and perform. Branding is not just about updating a logo, it’s about making your brand stand out and perform better. We’ll help you understand what your competitors are doing, what are the current trends in your industry and provide a great service of the design process from mood boards to high end assets and guidelines that will be current, outstanding and reflect the most important core values of your business to excite your target audience.
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Rebranding made affordable

A lot of businesses tend to steer away from using a rebranding agency, as the word “agency” and “rebranding” usually is handled by much bigger agencies with bigger overheads. At Webvid Creative, we love creating opportunities for those of us that don’t have those kinds of budgets, and help you through the process on a smaller scale with the same quality control as bigger agencies.

The rebrand process:

  1. Understanding your business with introductions and research

  2. We take a look at your current branding and provide a debrief on what we found and where we can help

  3. We’ll examine your core values, and provide solutions and routes on how we can approach the rebrand

  4. We’ll break these down into elements based on how your target audience will interact and engage most effectively

  5. We’ll suggest written visual ideas to show ways this can be communicated, and look into hierarchy of copy where needed

  6. Mood boarding then takes place so that we can show you our suggestions for the design approach

  7. We’ll then take the design process from start to finish where we’ll envelope all the messaging and values into one space, along creating guidelines for clear direction and brand interpretation so that others have a clear direction going forward

  8. We’ll then suggest creative marketing options and creative content to help you reach new business

Good design takes time

If you want the best results, you can appreciate that investing takes time. It’s key that all the areas are covered, that we ensure we deep dive into your brand, and in turn guide you through the process, so that you don’t waste time and money from quick fixes.
Rebranding has provided the space for brands we’ve worked with, to re-engage with their old and new clients about what they’re doing, and in turn generating new business. People stop and notice these things more so because of new visuals and compelling messaging. They offer compliments and engage with their profiles and pages due to our natural curious human behaviour. It’s like a magnet for new interest
‐ Aimee White - Design Manager


Areas of focus: 
1 - Business goals 

2 - What your audience cares about 

3 - Reinstate what you are doing as a business and how to tell your audience 

4 - How to be stronger amongst the competition

5 - The visual style process 

6 - Marketing content
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Sustainable Plant Store - Brand Identity Creation

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