Webvid Mix

Webvid Mix is a monthly creative subscription service giving you access to our agency skills, helping to support your marketing and comms projects.

From simple graphic design, to video recording and editing - use your hours to produce the content you need without having to scale your team.

Sign up for a minimum of 3 months and receive a project manager who will understand your goals and plan your content creation. Our base plans include 10 hours of remote support, which you can designate throughout the month. Choose between Graphics Only or Full Service and add extra hours if you need to.

Graphics Only

10 hours of graphics only support. Create designs for presentations, layouts, business cards, logos and much more.

£600 + vat

Full Service

10 hours of graphics, remote video/audio recording/editing and motion graphics support. Create additional animations for social, podcasts, remote video presentations and much more.

£1000 + vat


Your monthly allocation doesn’t roll over, but you can use your next month’s hours or add extra hours, subject to availability. 

Your project manager will estimate the amount of hours needed, when discussing your individual projects. If extra hours are required, this will be raised at the time.

After 3 months you will revert to a rolling monthly contract, which you can cancel at anytime.

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