Global interior brand journey

American Express Global Business Travel

Webvid Creative were hired to design an immersive brand experience for Amex GBT’s new office environments. 

Our team created detailed floor plans and placed the graphics within virtual 2d and 3d spaces. Our time on-site gave us the ability to work closely with the fit out company to make sure our layouts and ideas were executed perfectly. The initial Canary Wharf location was hailed as a success, which has set the guides and standards for GBT’s global office design.

Deliverables included:
Floor plan breakdown | Surface branding | Tactile branding | Assisting real estate team | Free standing branding | Guides for global refit.

Area planning

floor planning Amex GBT

Brand application

Amex GBT - Real estate breakdown

Graphic concepts

Amex GBT Real estate area mocking

Surface graphic examples for global guidance

Amex GBT Real estate surface examples

Final installation

Amex GBT Real estate photos
Webvid Creative delivered an exceptional project, which brought our new office environment to life.
‐ Amex GBT Design Team

Free standing graphics

Free standing graphics