What is an explainer animation?

Finding ways to boost business and communicate what you do as a company can be costly.  However there are other great alternatives that are much more cost effective than you think!

An animation explainer is one of them, made up of graphics and illustrations converted in a moving picture to help tell a story. 

They give a brand or business the ability and freedom to create something that you might not be able to achieve with actors and cameras. 

In most cases an explainer is usually created in order to tell a story, people use them to explain a product in a nutshell, use it to enhance a presentation, create an ad for the web, or show off who they are as a business.

If you’d like to consider an animation explainer for your needs, then get in touch with us today and see how one of our team can help create something for you. Below are some examples we have done in the past for your reference.

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Surrey Cast explainer animation example

AMEX GBT business product explainer animation