The benefits of rebranding.

At Webvid Creative, we have worked on many brand and rebrand creation projects. From new products and services to breathing new life into existing businesses' image.

Our passion is communicating your business, we delve deeply into the very core of who you are, your tone of voice and who you are speaking to and bring that to life through visual assets.

We cater the process depending on what your business aims are and who your audience is to get the best results. As part of the process, we also provide rigid guidelines and templates that provide clarity to future creators in order to maintain your brands integrity. 

The best thing about a rebrand is that it gives you an opportunity to create some hype through PR to remind people who you are, and solidify your values, message and aims.

Speak to us about how we can help you shape or reshape your brand today.

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Imaging Matters rebrand example

Imaging matters rebrand

Surrey Cast branding example

Surrey cast branding