How can I make my PDF more engaging?

Pdfs are one of the most preferred ways we choose to share a document. On top of being the top choice for supplying print files, to create secure signing documents, proofing files, making multiple page documents and so much more, pdf’s are always our preferred choice of document. 

With its embedded technology, we can be assured that a pdf file will always look the way it was put together by the creator, meaning the design won’t be obscured through the lack of installed fonts on the receiver's end.

But with this wonderful technology, have you ever wondered if there was a more engaging way to make a pdf? If pdf’s are great at embedding fonts and imagery and all the other things, what more can they do? Can they be interactive, can they help build a journey rather than the usual scroll, well the answer is yes!

With the help of InDesign, our designers can design and build an engaging document for your brand or business. Turning graphics into a fully navigated piece. Creating buttons and hyperlinks. Or we can convert your pdf from simple scrolling to a whole clickable product journey. With a product that works just like an online microsite. You can even choose if you want the document to open full screen when clicked, the possibilities are endless. 

Want to make your product or business more memorable? Talk to us about how we can make your marketing communications more engaging with this wonderful technology.

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Interactive PDF example